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Contaminated Heart Medication Leads to Massive Number of Lawsuits

All prescription medications have a risk of side effects. Typically, those side effects include sleepiness, nausea and other mild issues. Certainly, nobody expects to take a prescription drug and wind up with cancer as a result. 

Unfortunately, a deadly carcinogen has contaminated an ingredient found in many popular heart medications, putting millions of people at risk of developing liver, rectal and other cancers.

In less than a year, valsartan has gone from a relatively unremarkable pharmaceutical ingredient to the subject of one of the largest drug recalls in history, sparking multiple defective drug lawsuits and likely a host of other legal problems.

The problem began in Linhai, China, at the Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical headquarters and production complex. For at least four years, valsartan made at the Zhejiang plant was contaminated by the deadly carcinogen NDMA. This contaminated valsartan was sold to multiple U.S. drug companies for use in a variety of cardiovascular medications.

Read the full article about the Valsartan contamination lawsuits on American Legal News.

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