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In the News: City of Montgomery, Nicholas County to file suit against drug distributors

Both Nicholas County and the City of Montgomery have retained a Charleston law firm to file a lawsuit against three opioid drug distributors.

The lawsuits claim AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health Inc. and McKesson Corporation caused and contributed to the opioid epidemic, necessitating “substantial sums” of public funds be spent on dealing with the consequences of the epidemic.

The suits argue the defendants were negligent, reckless and malicious in their actions, flooding the state with highly addictive prescription medications.

The suit said that the distributors had no regard for the consequences and public nuisance to Nicholas County and Montgomery or the residents.

In a release, Nicholas County Commission said, “The cost to the city has been substantial both financially and spiritually.”

Montgomery Mayor Greg Ingram added, “This epidemic has placed our community and emergency responders at enormous risk and has resulted in indisputable damage to the general public. The monetary damage to our community is beyond description.”

The suits are seeking damages for reimbursement for Nicholas County and Montgomery, including increased expenses of drug abuse treatment program; prevention and training costs for law enforcement, hospitals and schools; costs of the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone; education, training and use for naloxone; and increased costs of law enforcement, prosecutions and incarcerations.

A similar suit was recently settled by the State of West Virginia for $47 million.

Rusty Webb and Harley E. Stollings will represent the two in the suit. Webb, a personal injury and class action lawyer with 30 years of experience, handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning clients can get legal representation with no obligation to pay legal fees unless they receive a recovery.


The Montgomery Herald
By: Wendy Holdren

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