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In the News: Despite what liberals say, Trump is president

It was back in 2016 that President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, 69 to 26 percent in West Virginia. It was in that far-removed year that Gov. Jim Justice outdistanced his Republican opponent, 50 to 42 percent.

Although both seem like distant memories to some people, and inasmuch as the 2016 election was held just four months ago, it is safe to assume both men are still popular with Mountain State voters. One would hardly realize that by listening to pundits.

Progressive Democrats, who whined for eight years that the political right would not credit President Barack Obama no matter what he did, now think turnabout is fair play. So, they hammered Trump before he was elected; they hammered him while he was president-elect and now they discredit him as president. His popularity is historically low, they claim.

As I quoted my friend from Beckley, "If Donald Trump is not your president, then you must not be an American." And many claim he is not their president, and there is even a Facebook site with that title.

I held a glimmer of hope that Democrats and socialists might treat Trump better than Bible-thumpers had handled Obama. I was wrong. No matter what Trump does, it is wrong, according to progressives and the media elite in Washington.

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters can talk about Trump's "invasion of Korea," and these progressives don't even shake their heads. But Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, can tell a reporter not to "shake your head," and that's cause for impeachment.

If I was advising Trump, I would have suggested he toss his cellphone and Twitter account into the Potomac in November. But I am still willing to gamble that the same voters who supported Trump mere weeks ago would still vote for him today.

Generalized shots such as saying Trump is not "acting presidential" are simplistic and biased. I wonder, when Andrew Jackson was fighting as a prelude to his presidency, if that was considered "presidential"? Yes, the same Andrew Jackson for which Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners are co-named by modern-day Democrats.

Donald Trump IS leader of the free world. He IS president of the United States. Whatever he does is "presidential." Give us all a break. He is doing what he promised to do during his campaign.

Former Republican state Sen. Lisa Smith, who represented Putnam County in the Legislature, returned to the Capitol this week to lobby for the bill legalizing medical marijuana. Smith was warmly greeted by the Senate's Judiciary Committee, which eventually approved the bill.

Once approved by the full Senate, it will have to go through committees, be voted on in the House of Delegates and be signed by the governor to become law. Friends said Smith, who now lives in South Carolina, drove to Charleston to lobby for the measure.

Friends of former Republican legislator Rusty Webb continue to tout their man as a likely candidate for mayor of Charleston next year. Current Independent Mayor Danny Jones has announced he will not seek re-election. Webb has not publicly expressed his position with regard to running in 2018. Former gubernatorial spokesperson Amy Shuler Goodwin is the early favorite for the Democrat nomination.

Former Harrison County state senator and Senate clerk Joe Minard is anxious to see the 2018 election roll around as well. The ex-legislator, for the time being at least, closed his Capitol career as Senate clerk. He was replaced by ex-Sen. Clark Barnes when Republicans took control of the chamber.

Minard told me recently that he'd like to be back as clerk and was waiting on 2018 "when Democrats take over again." From my perspective, Minard ran a much more responsive clerk's office than Barnes.

Remember the Jim Justice ad from the most recent gubernatorial election that cited his Republican opponent, then-state Senate President Bill Cole, for overspending in Senate offices? It was Barnes who did most of that spending, and it likely cost Cole several votes in November 2016.

Your comments, unfounded gossip and undocumented attacks on President Trump are always welcome. Use my email or cellphone l listed.


The Herald-Dispatch
By: Ron Gregory

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