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In the News: Municipalities sue drug distributors

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Five cities and one county are suing drug distributors for fueling the state’s opioid epidemic.

Wayne, Montgomery, Summersville, Glenville and Logan; and Nicholas County have filed their suits against AmerisourceBergen Drug Co.; Cardinal Health Inc. and McKesson Corporation in their respective circuit courts, alleging they have caused or contributed to the opioid epidemic and have caused the cities and the county to disburse substantial sums of public funds to deal with the consequences of the opiod epidemic.

The plaintiffs claim the epidemic was fueled by the defendants’ negligent/illegal, reckless and malicious actions in flooding the state with highly addictive prescription medications without regard for the adverse consequences and public nuisance to the cities and county or their residents.

“The cost to the city has been substantial both financially and spiritually,” said Mick Sanders, the Mayor of Wayne. “The Town of Wayne is pleased to attain the services of Charles Webb in recovering damages to our community as a result of ‘drug dumping.’”

Montgomery Mayor Greg Ingram said the epidemic has placed the community and emergency responders at enormous risk and has resulted in “undisputable damage to the general public.”

“Across this entire country every community is affected by drug abuse and addiction. Sadly, our community is no different and ones access to drug of choice is simply far too easy,” said Summersville Mayor Robert Shafer.

The Nicholas County Commissioners stated that the cost to the city has been substantial—both financially and spiritually.

The suits are seeking damages for reimbursement for the cities, including, but not limited to, increased expenses of drug abuse treatment program; prevention and training costs for law enforcement; hospitals and schools; costs of the drug Naloxone as well as education, training and use, medical care and hospitalizations; increased costs of law enforcement; increased costs of prosecutions; and increased costs of incarcerations.

Rusty Webb of the Webb Law Centre is representing the plaintiffs


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By: Kyla Asbury - WV Record

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