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In The News: Town of Glenville files suit against drug distributors

Charles “Rusty” Webb will be representing the Town of Glenville in a lawsuit against three distributors of opioid drugs, similar to the case recently settled by the State of West Virginia for 47 million dollars.

The lawsuit, will be filed against AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health Inc., and McKesson Corporation, alleges that the defendants have caused and contributed to the opioid epidemic and will continue to cause the Town of Glenville to disburse substantial sums of public funds to deal with the consequences of the opioid epidemic that was fueled by Defendants' illegal, reckless, and malicious actions in flooding the state with highly addictive prescription medications without regard for the adverse consequences to the Town of Glenville or its residents.

Dennis Fitzpatrick, the Mayor of Glenville, stated that “the cost to the town has been substantial both financially and spiritually. The Town of Glenville is pleased to attain the services of Charles Webb in recovering damages to our community as a result of "drug dumping."

The suit is seeking damages for reimbursement for Glenville including, but not limited to, increased expenses of drug abuse treatment program, prevention and training costs (for law enforcement, hospitals and schools), costs of the drug Naloxone as well as education, training and use, medical care and hospitalizations, increased costs of law enforcement, increased costs of prosecutions and increased costs of incarcerations.

Rusty Webb is a personal injury and class action lawyer with 30 years of experience helping clients throughout West Virginia. He handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis, so clients can get legal representation with no obligation to pay legal fees unless they receive a recovery.


The Hur Herald
By: Hur Herald Staff

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