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In The News: Town of Wayne joins in drug abuse lawsuits against Big Pharmacies

Many in our communities say they are fed up with their tax money going to fight drug crime rather then pave new roads and help schools improve.

So, they are fighting back.

We found the latest drug war pits small towns against big drug companies, with the courtroom as the battlefield.  

42 pills per person in the town of Wayne every year.

That's the number of pain pills Charleston attorney rusty Webb said big pharma is dumping on the town of Wayne, putting profit over patient care.  

Wayne has hired Webb and filed a lawsuit against AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson

The town demands reimbursement for overtaxed facilities like a Wayne mental health drug abuse treatment clearing house.

Clinical Supervisor Debbie Stephens told 13 News, "We have a lot of folks with addictions and a lot of overdoses.  There is a waiting list and not enough beds for treatment, so we do what we can."

Rusty Webb: said, "They could build a new rehab center and ask for reimbursement for the cost."

Webb said legal damages for reimbursement from big pharma drug dumping also include overworked law enforcement, medical care, prosecutions and incarceration. 

We found many in Wayne who support the lawsuit.

But we also found some here in Wayne who said it's not the pharmaceutical company's fault, but people who choose to abuse pain pills and doctors too liberal with prescriptions

We contacted all three pharmaceutical companies for a response.

AmerisourceBergen told us their company works to combat drug diversion on a daily basis, and that lawsuits modeled on what has already been settled with the State of West Virginia divert attention from collectively fighting drug abuse.


By: Randy Yohe
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