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In the News: Town of Granville suing “drug dumpers”

GRANVILLE, W.Va. – The Town of Granville has hired legal representation for an additional approach at fighting the regions’ opioid problem.

The lawsuit goes after opioId distributors claiming law enforcement and town expenses are mounting from investigating and trying to prosecute drug dealers.

Rusty Webb, The Webb Law Firm, PLLC, is representing the town in the case.

According to the suit, Granville continues to “disburse substantial sums of public funds to deal with the consequences of the opioid epidemic that was fueled by Defendants’ illegal, reckless, and malicious actions in flooding the state with highly addictive prescription medications without regard for the adverse consequences to the Town of Granville or its residents.”

“The cost to the town has been substantial both financially and spiritually. The Town of Granville is pleased to retain the services of Rusty Webb in recovering damages to our community as a result of “drug dumping,” said Patricia Lewis, Granville’s mayor, in a release from the firm.

The town seeks reimbursement for “increased expenses of drug abuse treatment program, prevention and training costs (for law enforcement, hospitals and schools), costs of the drug Naloxone as well as education, training and use, medical care and hospitalizations, increased costs of law enforcement and nuisance damage.”


By: Sunshinewiles

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