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High Conflict Divorce

For many divorce cases, any qualified divorce attorney will be able to give you the assistance you need. In a simple divorce case, the client’s main focus is often on avoiding a long, drawn-out process and minimizing the legal fees associated with a divorce.

However, in some cases, whether due to the complexity of the case or the size of the assets that are in dispute, a more specialized attorney is needed to help you. In these cases, the stakes are often much higher, and it is well worth the client’s time and money to do everything they can to protect their interests.

These types of cases are referred to as high conflict divorces. If you are involved in a high conflict divorce, be sure to find an attorney who is experienced with these special cases and the applicable laws in your state.

Types of High Conflict Divorce Cases

There are several reasons that a divorce can become a high-conflict divorce and require an attorney who understands these unique cases. Some of the reasons include:

  • An opposing party that won’t negotiate. Even if you’d prefer to handle your divorce quickly and efficiently, you need the other party to be willing to negotiate to make this happen. If the opposing party refuses to negotiate with you, you will have no choice but to take the necessary steps to protect your interests.
  • Large assets at stake. If your case involves a large estate or has many complex assets involved, you may require a high-conflict divorce attorney to handle the complex negotiations, and possibly a lengthy trial.
  • Complex and/or disputed facts. If there are a lot of disputed facts in your case, it may be hard for the parties to meet halfway when negotiating. These cases may require large-scale discovery to get to the truth.

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Once you determine that your divorce will not be settled quickly and amicably, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of a long and difficult process. Your case may require a large-scale discovery, depositions, and possibly a full trial.

In these types of cases, make sure that your attorney has experience dealing with these complex, high conflict divorces. You will need someone that knows the relevant laws and how to maximize your interests through each stage of litigation. These types of cases are very different from the typical divorce, and you’ll want to have a trusted advisor that has been through these kinds of difficult situations before.

High Conflict Divorce Attorney in Charleston, WV

At Webb Law Centre, we understand that high conflict divorce cases are very different from the typical divorce case. Attorney Rusty Webb has 25 years of experience as an attorney in West Virginia and is known to be one of the preeminent divorce attorneys in Charleston. He has been involved in many high conflict divorce cases that involved large estates and complex litigation. If you believe your divorce may be a high conflict divorce, Rusty can help you protect your interests. Contact Webb Law Centre today for your consultation with Rusty.